Powertrain of Twizy

A model 100 % small electric car, for travel within the city, Twizy Renault launched in March 2012 in Europe. Twizy is coupled by two words: Twin (2 persons) and Easy (easy to use). The code vehicle project Twizy is MOCA: MOtocycle and Car. MOCA aims to design an electric car not polluted environment, a cross between a motorcycle and a car, in order to profit the advantages of the motorcycle: convenient travel, easy to find parking in the big city, but driving with 4 wheels and as safe as cars.

Powertrain_Twizy_ENTwizy is designed with the propulsion powertrain architecture. This allows the vehicle has a very small turning radius 3.4m, easy to turn around and park. Three phase induction motor coupled to the gearbox (9.23 ratio) in the rear provides the maximum torque 500N.m on the wheel. That allows the car accelerates quite impressed by the total weight without load is mitigated maximum to 475kg (including 100kg battery pack).

Twizy carries a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack with a capacity of 6.6 kWh allowing to run a range around 70km on a single charge. That is enough for travel within the city and needs to charge every 2 or 3 days/time. The recharging time is about 3.5 hours using single-phase socket: 230V AC, 10A.

Twizy is sold in Europe from 7000€ and other countries around the world Brazil, Japan, Malaysia,… with two versions : Twizy 80 ( 80km/h ) with drive license and Twizy 45 without drive license. This version limites the top speed to 45km/h and the maximum torque/power to 420N.m/7KW.

Twizy 80

Battery Techno.



Natural convection


6.6 kWh

Rated voltage

52 Vdc

Inverter DC-AC Techno.



Natural convection

Max. current

350 Arms

Motor algorithm control

Flux vector control

Motor Techno.

Induction machine, aluminum cage


Natural convection

Max. torque / power

57 N.m / 12 kW

Max. speed

7500 vg/ph

Gear-box Techno.

Natural convection





Charg-ing Voltage

AC 230 V




2 kW