EnOp allows partners to:

  • solve multi-physics technical problems (e.g. interaction between electromagnetics, thermals, controls, vibro-acoustics)
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EnOp’s technical fields include electrical engineering (electromechanic power electronics & controls), thermics and vibro-acoustic. EnOp has also skills on applied mathematics, numerical simulation and optimization of complex systems.

This allows EnOp working on:

  • design optimization of industrial machine and controls
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EnOp mainly works in the industry, energy and transportation. EnOp’s activities focus on:

  • minimizing the environmental impact of electric motors (e.g. reduce losses, noise; increase efficiency, durability; re-used and eco-design);
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EnOp conducts technical trainings for engineers directly at the customer’s facility according to the needs of customers on:

  • design optimization of industrial machines & motor drive optimization
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